Our Curation Methodology

Our science focuses on curation of public literature conducted by global genomics experts and software automation. Genomics research is growing rapidly and every 30 seconds new studies are published. Therefore, it is essential for us to delivery handpicked, reliable insight while leveraging the power of software.

With software as the initial aggregator and our curation as the second filter, we work diligently to prioritize the quality of the data while still keeping up with the latest science. We manually review each piece literature through the triple check process carried out with our scientific team.

1 Curate public literature with the unique software and operation

2 Data is read/extracted independently from a single research paper

3 Extracted Data is reviewed by a third member

4 Store information including:

  • Genotype & Phenotype
  • P-value
  • Population size
  • Ethnicity

During the review process, we evaluate each piece of literature based reliability metrics including sample size, research methodology, statistical significance, reproducibility, and more. The reliability score is available for our partners and end users so that they can access the transparent insight to making full use of the data.

The majority of the genomics research is based on genome-wide association studies (GWAS), but there is also growing number of the intervention-based research including randomized control trial (RCT) and clinical trial-based studies, which illustrate significantly higher reliability scores for interventional applications.

Supported by Global Leaders in the Genomics Industry

Genomelink has been supported by global leaders in the industry, including genomics and nutritional nutritional professors at Stanford and UC Berkeley, the CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratory, and regulatory experts global biotechnology giant Illumina.


Andreas Stahl

Professor & Chairman
at The Department
of Nutritional Sciences
& Toxicology (NST)


Carlos Bustamante

Principal Investigator
(P.l.) at Stanford's
School of Medicine


Hiroaki Kitano

President and CEO
of Sony Computer
Science Laboratory


Mya Thomae

Regulatory Expert

White Paper: Transparency

In order to provide additional transparency to both businesses and users, we have developed a white paper and nutrition extension that explains more details about our product.

To learn more about our processes,
read our white paper here: genomelink.io

To learn about our product applied to the nutrition industry, read our extension here: genomelink.io

For more information, you can contact our scientific team at  info@genomelink.io

Ready to get started?

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